​​​​​About DigitalDelivery(TM)

To make it more affordable for choirs to have new music, we've made some of our great compositions and arrangements available as DigitalDelivery(tm) products, which are Kandinsky Music's unique, licensed, custom-watermarked PDFs.  To help your school or district save money even further while making the music legal to copy for all choral students in your entire district, there are different options to fit your needs and those of your colleagues, including:

  • single-school / single 'site' licenses
  • licenses for a single community choral ensembles 
  • district-wide licenses -several options, which vary based on size of your district
  • for some titles, the license cover every elementary school in your district, some cover middle, some cover high school only, some cover elementary and middle, some middle and high school, and some for every school no matter what the level.  It depends on the particular piece/arrangement/details as specified in each description, but in general it covers all the schools we think you might possibly want to use it with based on vocal/age appropriateness

For example, let's say we are talking about the partner song Caterpillar, KMC-1002.  A small township or a very rural county with only one elementary school with only 20 singers in the chorus may wish to buy traditional pre-printed octavos, but another small school in another township might have 50 in their choir, so it is more economical for them to purchase the single-site license for Caterpillar, which allows the director to make as many copies as needed for use ONLY by that one school.  But lets say you a teacher working at an elementary school in a medium-sized city of 100,000 people, with let's say seven elementary schools included in your school district, and know the other teachers might also want, at some point if not the same year, to use that piece with their groups, too, well then instead of each school having to buy it separately, each school paying shipping charges, they could instead purchase the 'medium district license' and then they would be allowed to make copies for every child at every one of those elementary schools, all for one low price.  You would receive a watermarked PDF that says you have permission to make copies for any student in your district, and it would have the name of your school district on your music.  Think of the savings - if each school in this example averages 50 in the choral program, that's 350 students, and instead of paying about $2.00 per child for pre-printed octavos plus shipping, all of which would total at least $750, they would have the music for every child in their programs with a DigitalDelivery(tm) for just $295, much less than half the price. And that doesn't even include any middle schools that might need an easier two-part treble piece - they are covered by that license, too!  The savings become even more amazing for larger choirs and the larger your district is.  In some cases, it could bring your costs down to effectively less than 20 cents per choral student to get a legal copy of a great piece in their hands for rehearsal!

Please note however, that for every option purchased, you are agree to the license terms which, while generously allowing you to make as many copies as you need for your single school site (or for multiple schools in one school district if purchasing a size-based district-wide license), it prohibits you from posting, sharing, giving away, distributing, copying, loaning, emailing, selling, uploading, or in any other way, making your purchased document available to other schools, choirs, directors, or districts outside of those covered specifically by your specific license purchase. In addition to agreeing to these contractual terms, note also that your PDF will be custom watermarked with your school (or district or community choral organization name,. depending on the license type you purchase), so any copies made by you will bear that mark on every copy.  Ay violations of the license agreement will therefore be highly visible to students, parents and administrators at your schools that should not be using it, and this would violate both copyright and contract law.  So please respect our license agreements so that we may keep offering this product to schools at such affordable rates.  Thank you for respecting the law and modeling that for your students as well! 

Thank you also for your time reading this overview of our DigitalDelivery agreement. There are MANY options, so please take your time and email us if you have any questions!  help@kandinskymusic.com 

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