Anthem Pack(tm)  KMC-1903 - TTBB arr only  

An advanced TTBB arr. for select/honors HS, college, and select community choirs, featuring more polyphony and challenging harmonies.  Score demo and pricing here.

AnthemPack(tm)  KMC-1907 SSAA arr only 

Advancved arr for select / honors HS and all collegiate/advanced community treble choirs. Score demo and pricing here.

AnthemPack(tm)  KMC-1904  - TTBB and TB arrangements

Includes both KMC-1902 and KMC-1903.  Score demos and pricing here.

AnthemPack(tm)  KMC-1909 SATB arr only - includes two different arr.!  

Score demo and pricing here.

​​​​About AnthemPack(TM) and DigitalDelivery(TM)

To make it more affordable for choirs to have new and varied, but always respectful, arrangements of the Star-Spangled Banner, we've made great arrangements available individually and as packs called 'AnthemPack's.  These are DigitalDelivery(tm) products, Kandinsky Music's unique, licensed, custom-watermarked PDFs.  Options for single-school site license or district-wide licenses, which vary by size, help your school or district save money and still have fine arrangements available to all choral students. 

For example, a school or community choral director may wish to purchase only a single-site license, which allows the director to make as many copies as needed for use ONLY by that one school or one community chorus.  But what if other directors in your same district like it and also would like an AnthemPack?  Then you or your your district-wide 'Music Supervisors' or Fine Arts administrators, etc., may wish to purchase a district license.  If you opt for a district-wide license, this gives EVERY school in that districtpermission to make copies for all choral students in your entire district.  District license are much more cost-effective than each school purchasing a single site license separately and prices vary based on the size (number of schools) in the district and whether you choose a single (for example, TB only) or multiple voicing packages that include many arrangements (such as the TB and advanced TTBB combined or the more comprehensive MasterPack described below).  An elementary school may wish to purchase our TrebleBasic AnthemPack(tm), which has only unison, 2-part/beginning SA, and SA+ [the same as  the SA with a little bit of an easy optional third part], where as a director that works at both an ES and a MS may wish to purchase the Intermediate AnthemPack, which includes all of the arrangements just mentioned in the TrebleBasic set plus SSA, SAB, and the TB basic! You can choose just a single voicing arrangement if that is all you need at the present time, but cost savings are substantial with the multiple voicing packets.  For example, The MasterPackAthemPack is designed for HS directors as they may need up to seven different arrangements, and for district-wide license purchases of the MasterPack it will provide arrangements suitable for every ensemble at every level in your entire district, all for one relatively low price, including all of the Treble Basic and Intermediate arrangements such as SSA and TB Basic plus SSAA, TTBB advanced, SATB Basic and advanced (SSAATTBB).  Additionally, a forthcoming SSATBB jazz vocal arrangement will be sent in the fall at no additional charge to all districts that have purchased a district licensed MasterPack before July 1st 2019, at no no additional charge. 

Additional features include multiple key options for some of these arrangements included.  Also included in the MasterPack are unison (solo) versions in five different keys, so you can always pick the right key for any soloist (very low, medium-low, medium, medium high, and very high voices, with the appropriate clefs for your singers' voices, too).  AnthemPack is a win-win for students, directors, and your budgets. 

Please note that for every option purchased, you are agree to this license which, while generously allowing you to make as many copies as you need for your single school site (or for multiple schools in one school district if purchasing a size-based district-wide license), prohibits you from posting, sharing, distributing, copying, loaning, emailing, or in any other way making your purchased documents available to other schools or choirs or districts not covered by your specific license; in addition to accepting this license, note also that your PDF will be custom watermarked with your single school or community choral organization name (or school district name if you purchase a district license), so any copies made will bear that mark on every page.  Breaking the agreement will therefore be visible to students, parents and administrators and will violate both copyright and contract law, so please respect this license agreement so that we may keep offering this product to schools at such affordable rates.  Thank you for respecting the law and modeling that for your students as well! 

Thank you also for your time reading this overview of our DigitalDelivery AnthemPack arrangements.  See below for options, links to samples, pricing information, and to purchase your AnthemPacks!  There are MANY options, so please take your time and email us if you have any questions! 

AnthemPack(tm) KMC-1905 - SA arr only 

Very accessibile two-part arrangement for upper elementary treble choirs able to sing in two parts, all MS treble choirs, and beginning HS treble choirs or to feature two treble singers as a duet. Optional third part in a few measures.  TB singers and for some advanced MS students with changed voices.  Score demo and pricing here.

AnthemPack(tm)  KMC-1908 all treble choir arr - SA, SSA, and SSAA 

Combines all three treble choir arrangements listed above in one pdf for one great price. An excellent solution for a district-wide license that covers all your ES, MS, and HS treble choirs!  Score demo and pricing here.

AnthemPack(tm) MasterPack  KMC-1910

Includes ALL arrangements above.  Save your district hundreds of dollars! Score demo and pricing here.

AnthemPack(tm) KMC-1906 - SSA arr only 

Intermediate difficulty treble arr designed for all HS and collegiate/community treble choirs and select/honors MS choirs.  Score demo and pricing here.

AnthemPack(tm)   KMC-1902 - TB only  

Very accessibile for all HS TB singers and for some advanced/select MS students with changed voices.  Score demo and pricing here.