DigitalDelivery Yksi ruusu KMC-1901-DD-SSL pdf
Single-School Site / Single-Ensemble License  $65 (US dollars)

  • ​allows you to make as many copies as you need at ONLY ONE public or private school (or for one single community chorus ensemble)
  • at this time this is only offered for customers located OUTSIDE the continental U.S.

​$2.25 per octavo, min. order 12 copies

See also a Finnish-IPA guide here.

Note: at this time, this title is only available via DigitalDelivery(tm), for single-site licenses internationally, not domestically nor for district-wide licenses, as with some of our titles.  However, if this is something you and your colleagues here in the US are interested in because two or more of you in the same county, etc., would like to purchase it, please send us an email to and if there is enough interest for this among directors, we'll offer it!   We know you have only a little money to stretch a long way!  We feel you!  Let us know your thoughts.

​​​KMC-1901 ​​Yksi ruusu kasvanut laaksossa  ​​SSA with additional sop. solo/small group, a cappella  

Video Pronunciation Guide now available!

Because we anticipate many Finnish and other European choirs wanting to perform this piece, this title is also being made available via DigitalDelivery(tm), Kandinsky Music's unique, custom-watermarked licensed PDF.  Pay one fixed price and receive a pdf from which you are permitted to make as many copies as you need but only for use at ONE school (or for one single community chorus ensemble).  It obviously won't be the industry-best paper and printing quality that come with our professionally printed octavos, but for our international friends this does mean no shipping charges, which can more than double the total cost of some traditional orders!  Click here for an explanation and examples of license terms that you must agree to accept with our DigitalDelivery(tm) purchases.

  • KMC-1901 Yksi ruusu on kasvanut laaksossa2:47

Audio-only demo